How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Your dentists at Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury MA invite you to improve your smile with a state of the art cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, and their associates improve the appearance of numerous smiles so patients look great and feel confident.

Get the smile you want

At your cosmetic dentistry Sudbury office, if you can imagine it, we can deliver it. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) cites research that most Americans notice your smile before they notice anything else about you. Based on that initial impression, many opinions form, including how smart, friendly, and competent you are.

Our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, and their associates, help patients define and refine their cosmetic goals. Resulting smiles are bright and confidence-inspiring, both for the observers and the people themselves. They offer in-depth cosmetic dentistry consultations in Sudsbury to include:

  • A complete dental exam and X-rays to make sure your mouth is healthy
  • Review of your goals and realistic options
  • Formulation of a care plan to include treatments, budget, and timeline
  • Preview of your fabulous new smile

Offered aesthetic services

Zoom! Whitening: Today's most popular teeth whitening option, Zoom! Whitening takes under an hour, leaving your smile free of dark dental stains and overall dullness. Your dentist swabs on hydrogen peroxide gel three times, activating it with a special light and rinsing it off to reveal bright enamel. Take-home trays keep your smile bright indefinitely.

Lumineers: These no-prep dental laminates are ultra-thin and require no enamel resurfacing. Customized to completely cover the front of teeth marred by chips, stains, cracks, and gaps, lumineers permanently reshape healthy teeth to look their very best.

Composite resin bonding: Your cosmetic dentists in Sudsbury apply a tooth-colored putty to erase small dental flaws, creating a realistic shape that is highly durable.

Cosmetic contouring: Often the last step in a more extensive treatment, contouring gently sands and shapes tooth edges for the perfect finish.

Porcelain crowns: These realistic caps of premium ceramic protect weak, cracked, or misshapen teeth. Also, they attach bridgework to neighboring teeth, restore dental implants, and protect teeth after root canal therapy. Crowns combine the best of restorative and cosmetic dentistry in one service.

White fillings: Made of composite resin, glass ionomer, or porcelain, white fillings restore decayed teeth and look lifelike. You may elect to replace unattractive metal fillings with these durable materials too.

What an improvement!

Get your beautiful smile noticed when you choose cosmetic dentistry services from Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury MA. Call for a consultation with Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, or one of our wonderful associate dentists: (978) 443-5193. We look forward to serving you!

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