Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

What if you could restore your smile in as little as one day? With cosmetic dentistry from Sudbury Family Dental in Sudbury, MA, a gorgeous grin is possible in just a single appointment! Here's a look at some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we can offer you:


You may have tried drugstore whitening kits in the past and seen some improvement with the use of bleaching strips and gels, but if you are looking for next-level whitening, professional treatment from our Sudbury office is a great option. With professional-grade peroxide, we can have your teeth sparkling and white in no time.


If you want straight teeth without the time commitment of braces, dental veneers are a great cosmetic dentistry alternative. Made from a ceramic material and shaped to fit on the surface of your natural teeth, veneers are discreet and attractive, not to mention comfortable and easy to care for.

Dental Bonding

At our Sudbury office, we offer dental bonding as a fix for chipped, severely decayed, cracked or otherwise damaged teeth. This form of cosmetic dentistry uses a composite material to cover imperfections. Our dentists will make sure the composite is molded to match the natural shape of your tooth and then cure the composite under a special light to make the bond strong. You will have all the function of a normal tooth, able to chew, bite and brush with ease.

Cosmetic Fillings

If you have had a past cavity filled with a metal filling, we can upgrade you to a cosmetic filling at our Sudbury office. Our composite fillings match the color of your natural tooth, making them undetectable.

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