Discover Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure is Best For You

Cosmetic dentistry treatments help your smile look its best. The Sudbury, MA, family dentists at Sudbury Family Dental Care discuss a fewcosmetic dentistry cosmetic treatments you may want to consider.

Zoom! teeth whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening is an excellent choice if your teeth are dull and stained. The Zoom! ultraviolet light enhances the effects of hydrogen peroxide gel, making it easier for the gel to break apart the pigments that cause stains. Whitening takes less than an hour in our Sudbury office and can lighten your teeth by several shades.


Dentures restore your smile and make eating enjoyable again after tooth loss. Full dentures are used if you've lost all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, while partial dentures replace several missing teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants offer a more long-lasting tooth replacement option. Single implants are available, as well as implant-supported bridges and dentures. After a titanium implant is placed in your jawbone, it begins to bond to your jawbone. In just a few months, the implant fuses to the bone completely, providing an effective root substitute. Implants are topped with dental crowns that close the gap in your smile and allow you to chew normally.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns improve the appearance of teeth and strengthen and protect damaged or fragile teeth. Made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramic, hollow crowns slide over teeth and cover them on all four sides. Crowns are used if teeth are cracked, broken or have undergone root canals or other dental procedures, but can also change the way teeth look. Several crowns attached together form a bridge. Bridges are used to replace one or missing teeth and are anchored by supporting teeth on either side of the bridge.


Invisalign offers a more discreet way to correct orthodontic issues. Metal brackets and wires are completely unnecessary in the Invisalign system. Straightening is accomplished by wearing removable aligner trays made of clear plastic. You'll receive a series of trays and replace each set after two weeks. Eating and oral hygiene is much easier with Invisalign because the trays are removed when you brush your teeth or eat.

Could you benefit from one of these treatments? Call our Sudbury, MA, family dentists at Sudbury Family Dental Care at (978) 443-5193 to schedule your appointment.

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