Teaching Your Child Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Here are some helpful tips for how to make sure that your child keeps their teeth and gums healthy.

It can sometimes feel like a real chore trying to get your kid to brush their teeth. We understand the frustrations of bedtime rituals, oral hygieneespecially when your child would rather play video games or watch TV. Of course, our Sudbury, MA pediatric dentists offer up some useful advice for how to get your kids to practice good oral hygiene.

Show Them How to Do it

Kids often follow what their parents do, so one of the best ways to ensure that your child gives their smile the TLC it deserves is to show them how it’s done. Your little one should see that you brush your teeth every morning and every night before bedtime so that they get in the habit themselves. Make brushing and flossing a bonding activity and do it together!

Make it Fun

Brushing and flossing teeth doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring old chore. Any way to liven up the brushing experience is a great one, as long as it doesn’t detract from properly cleaning your smile. Find some fun tooth brushing songs on YouTube to play while brushing your teeth together or take the fun out into the living room to watch your child’s favorite show for a little bit while brushing. This will certainly make the 2-3 minutes fly by!

Choose the Right Tools for the Job

Toothbrushes have so many fun designs and characters on it that it’s impossible not to find one that your child will like. Have them choose a toothbrush that speaks to them, as this may increase their chances of brushing more regularly if they have fun tools to use. Also, talk to our Sudbury children’s dentist about whether an electric toothbrush might be a better option for your little one.

Opt for a water flosser rather than regular string floss, which may make it significantly easier to get in between teeth. Perhaps even put some entertaining items in the bathroom to make the whole experience a little more fun (such as a character-shaped faucet head).

Make Brushing Your Child’s Teeth Easier

Some kids are too young to brush their teeth properly but they don’t like the idea of having a parent do it, either. Before you panic, let your little one know that they will have to employ a trusty helper to brush their teeth. Find a stuffed animal or design a fun sock puppet together that you can place over your hand to help brush their teeth and make their oral care routine a little more fun.

Don’t forget the importance of coming in to our Sudbury, MA dental office every six months for cleanings. If it’s time to schedule your child’s next visit then call Sudbury Family Dental Care today.

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