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By Sudbury Family Dental Care
April 14, 2022
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One of the most common dental treatments—one you've probably heard about since your childhood years—is a cavity filling. A filling covers and protects the exposed tooth enamel after decay has been identified and removed from a tooth. This allows the previously infected tooth to get stronger and maintain its good health. Understand how a filling placed by Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA, can make your smile healthy again. 


What Is a Dental Filling? 

A filling is a restorative dental treatment that uses a protective material (usually composite resin, porcelain, or glass ionomer) to replace lost enamel. When a cavity is treated, some of the enamel has to be removed to expose the decay. After treatment, the dental filling is added in layers to the outer surfaces of the teeth, matching the pits and fissures for a natural look. When filled, bad bacteria can't compromise the tooth again if you keep it healthy. 


Types of Fillings 

The default choice for fillings in the past was amalgam, which has a dark metallic look. It's durable and provides long-lasting protection from future decay. More recently, patients are choosing tooth-colored fillings because they preserve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth while also securing it from damage. They are made of composite resin, glass ionomer, or porcelain—all materials that your dentist can color-match with your tooth. 


Making Your Smile Healthy 

Without a filling, decay will continue to progress until it ultimately claims the tooth. It's best to get ahead of the problem to avoid expensive and more time-consuming treatments. With a protective filling, your tooth has a chance to get better and return to full health. You can chew your food with confidence again, instead of living in fear of dental discomfort. A filling will last between five to 15 years (possibly longer) if you brush often and have your teeth examined regularly by a dentist. 


Keep Your Smile Intact 

Without a filling, a dental cavity can progress to a more serious infection. Make sure to have your teeth checked by Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA, to see if you need a filling. Call 978-443-5193 today for an appointment. 

By Sudbury Family Dental Care
March 24, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
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Beginning good dental hygiene habits at an early age is crucial to your child’s oral health throughout their life. However, many parents may not be fully aware of what their child’s dental hygiene routine should consist of. Your dentist can help you and your child understand the best practices for a daily and long-term dental hygiene routine. Find out more about pediatric dentistry and what makes a solid at-home oral care routine important with Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA.

How often should my child see their dentist? 

The American Dental Association says that all dental patients, regardless of their age, should see the dentist twice a year for routine examinations with their dentist and cleanings performed by a dental hygienist. These regular visits allow dentists to keep track of a child’s growth and development and find and treat any issues like cavities quickly to stop them in their tracks.

How will my dentist help me instill good dental habits in my child? 

Seeing the dentist regularly from an early age has proven to instill good oral hygiene habits and reduce the chances of developing dental anxiety or dental phobia. We go above and beyond to establish a good relationship with your child, with a happy, fun environment and a kid-friendly, show-tell-do approach to introducing your child to the dentist’s office and routine check-ups.

What should my child’s daily oral care routine consist of? 

Good dental care begins before a child has any teeth at all. As an infant, children’s parents should wipe their gums with a damp, soft cloth after feedings. When their first tooth erupts, brushing twice a day with a child’s toothbrush and a tiny amount of toothpaste will keep teeth decay at bay. As the teeth grow close enough together to touch, begin helping your child floss between each tooth at least once a day.

Children’s Dentistry & You

Starting good oral hygiene habits early will benefit your child for the rest of their life. For more information on ensuring that your child is confident about their dental visits and caring for their teeth, please contact Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA. Call 978-443-5193 to schedule your child’s appointment with your dentist today!

By Sudbury Family Dental Care
January 18, 2022
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If you’re in need of dental care from a general dentist, the team of dental experts at Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA provides quality care for every patient they see.

What Happens During a Routine Checkup?

Routine dental checkups usually occur twice a year, but some people might require more frequent checkups if the dentist deems it necessary. These checkups include two parts: an exam and a cleaning.


Typically, the exam will begin with an x-ray of the mouth, which helps the dentist to see anything that might not be present to the naked eye. For instance, if there are cavities in between the teeth or problems in the jawbone, the x-rays will show this.

Your dentist will then check for any plaque or tartar build-up that needs to be removed. Additionally, your gums, throat, face, and neck will be examined to pick up on any signs of infection, cancer, and more.


During the cleaning, your teeth will go through a process called scaling, which simply means the tartar will be removed. They will then be polished to remove stains and flossed.

Benefits of Regular Checkups

The following are just three important benefits you can gain by keeping your regularly scheduled dental visits.

Keep Teeth Healthy and Shiny

Having a healthy smile is important to people’s self-esteem, regardless of their age. One great benefit of regular checkups is that they can help keep your pearly whites both pearly and white.

Addresses Gum Disease

Gum disease can be undetectable to the naked eye, so many people do not realize they have it in the beginning. Your dentist is trained to spot signs that the average person does not know to look for. As Dr. can help catch it early, it can be more easily treated.

Detection of Issues

There are many medical issues that are related to dental health – some caused by dental issues and others that can cause dental issues. While it’s not always the case, some of these medical problems can be deadly when left untreated.

Through routine checkups, your general dentist in Sudbury, MA can keep an eye out for any potential issues. If it can be treated through dental care, he can help make that happen. If it requires another specialist, such as a primary care physician or heart doctor, he can give you the information and referrals you need to address it.

If you have any dental issues or simply want to keep your smile beautiful, let the team at Sudbury Family Dental Care, your general dentist in Sudbury, MA, help. Make an appointment today by calling (978) 443-5193

By Sudbury Family Dental Care
November 03, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental fear is not an uncommon problem. Every year, many dentists work with clients who struggle to stay calm in this environment. Thankfully, Sudbury Family Dental Care pain-free dentistry specialists in Sudbury, MA can help. Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, and their associates can provide this care for those who need it. Here's what you need to know about this topic and how you can manage it.

The Causes of Dental Anxiety

People with dental fear may not fully understand where their anxiety develops. Sometimes, it's just a fear that comes and goes and affects them without warning. However, in other situations, it's a long-term problem that has a direct root. Just a few conditions that may cause dental anxiety include:

  • Bad past experiences with a dentist, including unnecessary painful treatments 
  • Intense fear of pain that goes beyond the reality of dental treatment 
  • A phobia of needles or dental equipment based on their look
  • Difficulties with the dentist or a dislike of their treatments
  • Trouble with loss of control or struggles with personal space 

This situation is often exacerbated by the individual struggling against the dentist or even reacting aggressively towards them. Unfortunately, this may result only in worsened dental fear and more difficulties during treatment. As a result, it is critical to consider pain-free dentistry in Sudbury, MA, as a way of managing this concern and avoiding long-term oral health issues.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry 

Sedation dentistry uses a solid sedative to put an individual to sleep during their dental treatment. This process helps to manage dental anxiety and fear in several ways. First, if individuals are not awake to develop anxiety, they can get through treatment without experiencing troubles. Beyond this benefit, sedation dentistry also helps to:

  • Reduce gag reflex during treatment (a problem that may worsen dental anxiety)
  • Minimize pain by letting an individual sleep through the surgery 
  • Provide faster dental care by cutting out any potential problems with the patient 

Sedation dentistry takes place in a controlled environment, with an anesthesiologist carefully managing the flow. They will watch each patient, ensure they stay asleep, and keep them from getting too much sedation. After treatment, a brief rest in a recovery area helps to improve recovery time and minimize confusion and agitation.

Do You Need This Care?

As you can see, Sudbury Family Dental Care pain-free dentistry in Sudbury, MA can help you. Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, and their associates provide care that may work for your needs. If you're interested in this process, please don't hesitate to contact us at (978) 443-5193 to learn more about the other benefits it may provide you.

By Sudbury Family Dental Care
October 08, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Meet the best and most effective whitening system our Sudbury, MA, cosmetic dentistry team offers.

Your dentists at Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA, Dr. Maria Elizondo Marinescu, Dr. Sorin Marinescu, and their associates, pride themselves on providing the latest and most advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments including our in-office Zoom whitening system. Here’s what you should know about getting a whiter smile with Zoom.

How does Zoom work?

There is a reason Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most popular bleaching systems on the market. It provides fast and effective results in about 45 minutes. Once we apply a protective barrier over the gums we will apply the hydrogen peroxide-rich bleaching gel to the teeth and then direct light over the teeth to stimulate the bleaching agent and to speed up the whitening process.

Zoom applications involve three, 15-minute sessions where we apply the gel, direct the light over the teeth and then remove and reapply the bleaching gel. After treatment, not only will stains and yellowing be removed, but also the overall color of the teeth will be lighter.

What makes Zoom whitening different?

There are many professional whitening options these days. So, what makes Zoom whitening different?

Consistent results across all teeth: Zoom whitening makes it easier for our Sudbury, MA, cosmetic dentistry team to target all teeth evenly through easy bleaching gel applications and through the special light that stimulates the whitening gel. This offers faster results that are more consistent across your entire smile.

See results faster: Another reason to say “yes” to Zoom whitening is that you’ll also get faster results than you may get with other whitening options, including laser teeth whitening. Depending on the severity of your stains, we may be able to get your teeth the ideal shade and brightness in just one session.

Reduced sensitivity: Are you concerned that your teeth may be sensitive to whitening? While this is common post-whitening, there are steps we can take to reduce sensitivity. Many patients find that they can easily tolerate one or multiple Zoom whitening sessions.

Your cosmetic dentists at Sudbury Family Dental Care in Sudbury, MA, are here to provide you with Zoom whitening and other state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services. To find out if you’re an ideal candidate for Zoom whitening, call us at (978) 443-5193

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